Founder of SUFYL

Andy Henriquez is the founder of Master Storyteller Academy, the #1 training event for entrepreneurs, speakers and coaches who want to craft a meaningful, magnetic story that irresistibly attracts new clients and new opportunities like nothing else can.

Andy has spent over a decade training leaders in top organizations, including NASA, Office Depot, Bacardi, Google and Southern Glazers on how to use stories to make more impact and more income.

Andy’s dynamic signature story has been featured on Goalcast with over 7.4 million views. And now, Andy’s teaching the exact same framework that he used to become a sought-after, in-demand speaker and consultant, to entrepreneurs, speakers and coaches who want to leverage their story to grow their influence and make more sales.



Star has over 30 years of experience as a performer on stage and screen, as a litigating attorney and as a top performing trainer. She utilizes her diverse background to help speakers, coaches and business owners level up their storytelling and presentation skills, and master the art of public speaking.

Star was Program Manager for Les Brown’s speaker training program and ranked the #1 trainer for a national training company. On the stage, Star captivates her audiences with humor, drama and storytelling. As a coach, Star teaches clients how to develop and confidently deliver compelling messages to grow their businesses and their influence. Her clients and audiences walk away feeling educated, enlightened and empowered.

Star believes every time you speak it’s a performance and every place you speak is a stage. She delivers a stellar performance on every stage and she is the lead trainer for the Master Storyteller Academy teaching attendees to craft and share their story with clarity, confidence and conviction.



Louis Moorer III has been a comeback artist since birth. Born with an abnormal heart, Louis had to fight for his life after undergoing open-heart surgery as an infant. During his adolescent years, Louis was labeled with ADHD, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, and was thought to have a learning disability. Once again, Louis would prove everyone wrong, eventually excelling in his scholastic and going on to graduate from San Jose State University, with a major in theatre arts and a minor in child development. Louis was also initiated into the prestigious Alpha Phi Alpha, Inc. Fraternity, which was founded on the principle of academic excellence.

Louis would have to orchestrate his greatest comeback ever in 2003 after being involved in a near fatal motorcycle accident, which projected his body through the air and resulted in debilitating injuries. Louis was told by his doctors that he would never walk again. However, the comeback guy, Louis Moorer wouldn’t accept such a prognosis. Louis has been on a ten year journey of creating the ultimate comeback. During the past decade, Louis went from lying on his back in a hospital bed, to a wheelchair, to a walker, to a quad cane, to now a single cane and is determined to push forward to walk without any assistance at all.

Louis Moorer is the Comeback Expert! Today, Louis utilizes his same personal philosophy for making a comeback to shift the mindset and support the attendees in the Master Storyteller Academy to ensure that they experience a breakthrough and get the absolute most out of the training.