The Movement

Show Up For Your Life is a movement of like minded individuals who are committed to creating an amazing life. Regardless of your current situation, we invite you to transform your life by joining the movement each and every Thursday evening at 8pm eastern time. This movement is driven by a free motivational conference call which will inspire you to face your fears, break through your limitations and create the life that you desire. Show up for your life and join the motivational movement today!

The Inspiration

Committed to changing the world one person at a time Andy Henriquez founded the Show Up For Your Life Movement in November of 2010. Inspired by his mom’s amazing conquest of the American Dream after her humble beginnings in the poorest country in the western hemisphere Haiti, Andy has witnessed and believes whole heartedly that anyone can create the life they desire if they are willing to Show Up For Their Lives. View a short video clip of Andy sharing the story that inspired this movement as captured on an audience member’s cell phone.