“The Show Up For Your Life movement has become a constant reminder of why it is imperative not to overlook or miss the bountiful blessings intended for your life, that you will not receive unless you simply “SHOW UP”! Andy Henriquez has created a community of like-minded achievers who not only show up weekly but show up with value and purpose for living their best life! As a professional, Andy is one of the premier authorities in the area of personal development. As a dear friend, Andy’s personal and professional support has been a priceless gift in my life and his example of excellence continues to inspire me to SHOW UP and execute my divine assignment!”

Stacie N.C. Grant
Empowerment Coach


“I train, develop and coach leaders for a living, so I can spot a leader. Andy Henriquez is a leader. I made it a priority to join the Show Up For Your Life movement and participate in the weekly Motivational calls to recharge my focus in life. Andy is the best at sharing motivating stories and asking life-changing questions to inspire all of us to live our dreams and Show Up For Our Lives.”

Chris Tunstall
Leadership Development Trainer and Coach


“I invite everyone to join the Show Up For Your Life movement. Every time I join the weekly Motivational calls, I feel as if Andy is speaking directly to the best part of me. When you join the movement, you will have the same experience and you will surely get just the message you need at just the time you need it in order to transform your life. A word in due season as I like to call it.”

Glastinne Celestin
Motivational Speaker and Mentor


“I am so grateful and thankful for the Show Up For Your Life movement. The weekly Motivational calls have made a large impact in my life. I have learned to push pass my fears and to pursue my dreams. I was sitting on the idea of writing a book for a long time and I can honestly say that the inspiring stories shared on the calls gave me just the push I needed to finally write my book. I will be a published author very soon. Once again, thank you so much Andy and Star for being a light of inspiration in my personal journey.”

Carmen Walinski
Soon To Be Author


“I have been part of the Show Up For Your Life movement since it was first launched in November of 2010. The Thursday night motivational calls have become a consistent part of my personal development. So much of my business depends on me improving my communication and growing as an individual, the motivational calls have allowed me to do both. Andy truly is a phenomenal communicator along with his host Star; together they have provided me with many life changing nuggets.”

Thomas Weinacker
Professional Network Marketer


“The Show Up For Your Life movement weekly motivational calls are one hour of motivational content which are rich and full of zest. Andy possesses an incredible talent for presenting high impact topics in the most inspiring manner. He dares us to take charge of our own lives with insightful messages and real life experiences. Andy and Star are a Dynamic Duo. Thank you both. I appreciate you.”

Ha Tran
Author and Coach